Exploring Apple’s 3D Touch

Exploring Apple’s 3D Touch

A chat about the potential of 3D Touch on the iPhone with David de Min and Paul Kemp of Velapp

Paul Kemp: I’m here with David de Min, the founder of Velapp and we’re going to talk about 3D touch on the iPhone. The hardware has been on iPhones for well over a year since the iPhone 6S was first launched.

We ask the question…

“is 3D Touch a feature loved or ignored by iPhone users?”

If we look at what the press have said in the past about 3D Touch.

Business Insider U.K. wrote an article in April 2016 with the title

“Apple fans aren’t impressed with the iPhone’s hottest new feature.”

9to5Mac said in an article in March last year that

“3D touch will wither and possibly die.”

Business Insider also said

“the most unique feature in the iPhone is also the most useless.”

David, you’ve been able to make good use of 3D touch. Does the technology have a future or is it something that iPhone 6S and iPhone 7 users are just ignoring?

David de Min: Well, one of the many reasons I love Apple is they’re such an innovative company. I personally think the 3D touch is a really useful feature. Nevertheless, maybe Apple haven’t actually integrated it in an effective way yet. As with some things in technology, it takes a while for things to catch on. As it happens, 3D Touch is really good for Velapp because we’ve integrated it in a very intuitive way.

How Velapp works is while you’re filming, you’re choosing the best parts of your video as you’re shooting. It’s a new way of filming and editing video. We’re utilizing the 3D touch, so while you’re filming, you’re essentially pressing the screen harder. This is intuitive because you naturally tense up when something exciting happens. This is why the 3D touch is so useful for Velapp.

As you’re touching the device, the better the action the harder you press, and that’s essentially how we’re utilizing the 3D touch on the iPhone.

Obviously, there’s been some negative press around it, but I think people will innovate to find new ways to use it. I really believe that what we have is a new feature that really works well for 3D touch.

Paul Kemp: I don’t believe you can use your app without 3D touch at all — right?

David de Min: Well, the thing is we don’t want to push out anyone else who doesn’t have the 3D touch phone, so we do have a backwards-compatible model which is just as intuitive. You’ve got a slider which you slide up and down while you’re rating. The 3D Touch users can also use the slider (if they prefer), it’s really down to user preference. In other words, do users prefer a slider or 3D Touch. I personally prefer the 3D Touch option. In any event, the 3D touch builds around Velapp and is incredibly intuitive on the latest iPhones.

Paul Kemp: Can talk about what Apple may use 3D Touch for in the future?

David de Min: So I think with most things with Apple, they want to integrate this new technology in slowly. Obviously, a lot of people are saying

“Oh, this is just a gimmick. Peek and Pop doesn’t really add much to my life.”

But I think if Apple overloaded too many uses to 3D touch, people would just be confused. Just like how I saw the integration of gestures, for example. I think gestures is such an important part of the iOS integration — I don’t know one person that doesn’t use gestures — and they integrated that very slowly.

For example, you bring down the menu from the top to see your notifications, you slide up to bring your quick controls… I think 3D can have the same sort of integration, slowly bringing more and more features and what you can do with it.

I personally use Peek and Pop a lot, and there’s a great little thing you can do with WhatsApp for example, where you can Peek and Pop a message and read the whole thing without giving a read receipt. As it happens, I used that a few times when I was in a meeting if I didn’t have time to reply and didn’t want the sender to know I’d read the message.

I really do think that 3D touch will be a very important part of Apple’s future development with the iPhone. I think 3D touch will be integrated into every different application because I do believe its a very useful way of adding to the interface.

In summary, we think Apple’s 3D Touch has a strong future ahead of it with more widespread adoption from the massive iPhone user population.

It’s unknown, but maybe Velapp is the new killer app to get people using and loving Apple’s 3D Touch